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Al Wazzan Trading Corporation was established in 1951 by Haj Mohammad Al Wazzan. The company started its inception in importing and exporting foodstuff.

Al Wazzan has evolved over the years and has become a pioneer in the field of grain and food industries and distribution of these products to traders and factories.

Al Wazzan owns many warehouses in different cities arround Syria

Our Warehouses enjoys the latest and best safety and storage techniques, the warehouses divided to many storage sections and the warehouses have refrigerated rooms to preserve the quality and freshness of food products.

Al Wazzan Trading Corporation always seeking to provide high quality products according to international standards. We are always keen to supply the best raw materials that are subject to quality and safety test to ensure their safety.

Filling and Packing stages in Al Wazzan Trading Corporation supervised by specialized experts in quality using latest technologies.

Al Wazzan Trading Corporation currently focusing its activities in three domains: Import – Export – Constructions.

The company import and export many high quality foodstuff and you can find list of exported and imported items:

  • List of Imported Items Skimmed Milk | Cashew | Sardine | Sesame Seeds | Cocoa | Sugar | Almond | Palm oil | Coffee | Tea | Peppers and flavors
  • List of Exported Items Saffron | Cumin | Coriander | Black cumin seeds | Anise seeds | Dried figs | Pistachio | Caper | Chamomil

And other foodstuff as our company always aspires to be a major supplier of many materials which come within the needs of our customer, you can view all our products through our products page