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Syrian spices and herbs market update, crop 2019

Syrian spices and herbs market update, crop 2019

Cumin seeds

Spring rains caused substantial soil erosion, reducing the crop in some regions more than 50%. 

This situation is also delaying the harvest.

However, due to the big quantities planted in the main region for cumin (Island area in Syria), there is still a chance to get good quantities in case the weather stays stable in the next 10 days.

Anise seeds

The rain was a huge benefit for the new crop. 

Therefore we expect a good crop with interesting offers compared to last years crop.

Black cumin (Nigella)

The planted area is less compared to 2018, but the crop is expected to be good. 

The price will remain stable due to firm prices in India.

Bay leaves

It is available all around the year, but from May to September, the green quality, nice shape leaves are more available, and through our new established facility, we will be able to offer the hand selected (calibrated), hand semi selected, and FAQ quality.

The general expectation is that we are able to start offering new crop during the 2nd half of May.